Donnerhall - the Scarf dedicated to the Stallion.

A grand success story on pure silk.
Celebrate an extraordinary stallion with an extraordinary scarf. Donnerhall. This Oldenburg stallion is still present all over the world through his successful offspring. His greatest achievements have been depicted on pure silk by Ulrike Walderdorff in close cooperation with the artist, Britta Arends-Weinrich.

There’s a lot to be discovered on this elegant silk scarf. The scarf, which is 90 x 90 cm, depicts 121 licensed stallions registered in Stallion Book I in Germany with pedigree and breeders. 6 Championships: EC, WC, Olympic Games and the achievements of Donnerhall’s offspring from 2008 - 2013, including para riders.

The design of the scarf. In the centre you see the stallion Donnerhall under his trainer, Herbert Rehbein. Surrounding the stallion you find his greatest achievements.

The ribbons are next. In the direction of the clock, they depict his 121 licensed sons in Germany that are registered in Stallion Book I. The list begins with his first son, “Don Primero”, born in 1985. You also see a larger ribbon in the middle beneath the picture of Donnerhall. It emphasises De Niro, Donnerhall’s famous son who was crowned the world’s best dressage-maker in 2012.

Six show venues from 2008 - 2013 show the achievements of Donnerhall’s offspring at championships: EC, WC and Olympic Games. Parallel are the para rider medal winners, listed according to the five different degrees pursuant to regulations. These medal winners in particular prove that Donnerhall passes on his excellent character.