A Passion for Painting and Horses.

The artist Britta Arends-Weinrich was born in 1983 in Hamburg. Her love for horses and her talent for painting became evident at very early age.

In 2001 she began an apprenticeship with the famous china manufacturer in Meißen to become a porcelain painter. The apprenticeship refined her style and sharpened her eye for the smallest details and nuances of the colour spectrum. During her three-year training in painting she was especially taught two things: An exact, nearly photographic eye for each detail of a motif and the technique how to transfer exactly what she saw to paper.

During her apprenticeship she also painted photorealistic portraits of animals that quickly drew the attention of friends and acquaintances who wanted her to paint their pets and horses. Shortly after finishing her apprenticeship she decided that she would like to work as a self-employed artist.

Her real passion was painting portraits of horses and dogs and in 2006 she started exhibiting her works at various horse shows and equestrian events. Direct contact and the flair of a show continuously provided inspiration and ideas for new works. Britta Arends-Weinrich had an encounter in 2012 that turned out to be special. Ulrike Countess von Walderdorff took an interest in the works she exhibited at the Balve Optimum and spontaneously placed her first order. It was her desire to have a water colour portrait of her father, Otto Schulte-Frohlinde, with his stallion Donnerhall painted, based on a photograph taken by Bernd Eylers. That was the beginning of an exceptional cooperation.

In the spring of 2013 Countess Walderdorff commissioned a further work that was a great challenge. In accordance with Countess Walderdorff’s wish, she painted a 2 m x 0.70 m canvas in oil – a painting that decorates the headboard of the bed in the Donnerhall room in the Artramon Farm mansion in Ireland today. A portrait of Donnerhall’s head with a laurel wreath is depicted in the centre of the painting along with his pedigree and well over 100 names of his licensed sons and many of his successful offspring. The work on the Donnerhall scarf was begun that same year.

Britta Arends-Weinrich has a special talent for lending her portraits a lively authenticity. Clients always find the character and personality of their horse or dog in her paintings.

Britta Arends-Weinrich